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 Zoner Photo Studio Professional

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Zoner Photo Studio Professional 12.9 | 64 MB

Zoner Photo Studio complements your photo workflow perfectly. Why waste time using multiple

programs and ineffective techniques to edit and organize your photos? Zoner Photo Studio

makes editing, defect correction, retouching and creating interesting effects

straightforward and painless and gives you astonishing results-whether you are working with

one photo or taking advantage of the advanced batch processing capabilities. Organize your

photo archive simply and effectively! The broad array of tools and features and the support

of industry standards in Zoner Photo Studio will help you achieve your digital photo goals.

You'll quickly get your bearings in Zoner Photo Studio and will appreciate its flexibility.

Zoner Photo Studio was created for photographers who need a large and flexible toolkit

supported by the latest in digital photography technology. The new editing Layer introduces

a wealth of options to your workflow. Take full advantage of industry standards (RAW, HDR,

DNG, 16-bit/channel, EXIF, IPTC, XMP and more), and SSE and MMX processing technologies as

well as support for the power of multi-core processors. Thanks to 48 bit color depth you'll

ensure the highest photo quality, and the latest algorithms keep your colors true to life

with wall-to-wall color management. You can depend on Zoner Photo Studio!

Efficient, precise and simple
It's all about quality results and time-your time. That's why you need Zoner Photo Studio

for your workflow. Whether you are working with one photo or many from a large photo shoot,

you want perfection and you don't have time to waste. The wide range of editing features in

Zoner Photo Studio ensures results that you and your clients will be proud of. You'll save

time with the great batch processing settings that will make your workflow even more

efficient. Zoner Photo Studio makes editing and defect correction on many photos just as

straightforward as if you were processing one photo. In addition, you can create and save

templates to make any combination of edits to any set of photos. And the new editing Layer

will improve your workflow. Of course, all of the editing features in Zoner Photo Studio

Professional Edition support 16 bit per channel color depth and our outstanding color

management minimizes loss of image quality.

Your path to perfect photos
Even the best photographer can run into bad conditions. Poor lighting, troubles with finding

proper composition, hurrying to catch a unique moment, distracting elements in the middle of

the scene… at one time or another we've all run into problems beyond our control. Zoner

Photo Studio gives you powerful editing tools to give your photos the right light, color,

sharpness, and shine. With Zoner Photo Studio, you'll have everything that you need to get

perfect photos!

Manage your photos and metadata
Photos! Photos! Photos! Filling up your computer hard drive - and no end in sight! Sorting

and organizing a photo archive is the nightmare of many photographers. With Zoner Photo

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Zoner Photo Studio Professional
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